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We are specialists in data destruction services. Our processes are secure under the National Association of Information Destruction (NAID). That makes you compliant with the due diligence about our qualifications and processes. E-waste recycling centers are good for televisions, DVD players, and computer monitors. Hard drives, tapes, SD memory cards, USB sticks, CDs, DVDs, JAZ and ZIP discs, Copier hard drives or DVR hard drives should not be taken there. Even when you delete all files and reformat the drive, your data remains there to be found. Protect your information with our data destruction services. Our company has special procedures and machinery in place to fit any digital media sanitation requirement. Our employees go through background checks, CDOT 10 panel drug test, and DMV checks.

Method #1: Data Erasure (Data Wiping)

This method consists of overwriting your entire hard drive with zeros and ones. This is a software based method. By repeating this process several times, from three to seven times, data recovery software will not work. The data wiping process can be done if the media can still be read and written. When the hard drive is physically damaged, then it is necessary to physically shred it to pieces. Data wiping works with different wiping algorithms to completely overwrite your data. Sometimes they are also called data shredding tools. They overwrite each data cluster with a new pattern of bits. If anyone tries to recover the data, the result will be useless garbage and meaningless data. Sometimes data erasure does not work completely on solid state drives and USB flash drives. You should also avoid using free software available from the internet. Hackers might compromise it and insert malicious code to steal the very information you want to destroy. The main advantage of this process is that your confidential files can no longer be recovered. Regularly wiping your disk minimizes your risk of data theft. Also, data erasure effectively removes all data while keeping your disk operable. The main disadvantage is that improper data wiping procedures can still leave files recoverable. Fully erasing a disk is a time consuming process. If your disk is too big, or if your computer is slow, data wiping might even take days. This is the recommended method by the Department of Defense before selling or donating a hard disk. Once we finish the process, we certify that all data has been deleted.

Degaussing is the process of eliminating unwanted data stored in magnetic media. Data is stored in magnetic media such as magnetic tape, floppy disks, and laptop hard drives. The data creates small areas called magnetic domains. When we degauss your hard drive, these domains are left in random patterns. In short, all previous data is rendered unrecoverable. It turns your HD back into its original state. We use a degaussing machine. Magnetism is measured by Oersted. Most hard drives have 2,000 Oersted, and degaussing them requires at least twice as much magnetism. In that case, at least 4,000 Oersted. The main benefit of using a data degausser is the assurance that any sensitive data is permanently erased. Classified media is dealt with, both quickly and safely. This process meets NSA requirements for sanitizing classified information. This process is fast, but cannot be applied in a disk with servo control data. If your servo tracks are degaussed, your disk will be inoperable. That includes most modern hard disks. The servo data could be rewritten, so the hard disk can be reused again. In practice, this is nearly impossible because it requires manufacturer specific service equipment. On the other hand, reel-to-reel audio tapes, floppy disks, and Data Tapes can be reused without any issues. If your company uses these media often, a careful degaussing process can extend its life up to four times. The quality of performance is also increased, leading to further savings to your company’s bottom-line. The effectiveness of degaussing depends on how fast the media passes through (or over) the degaussing coils. Uniform speeds assures uniform results. Passing twice is not required.

Method #3: Physical Destruction

As the name suggests, we physically destroy the hard disk itself. This is information deletion taken to a military standard. It is highly effective to remove all data. By destroying the hard disk, it can no longer be used again. Usually, we shred hard disks that are inoperable or before disposing of them. The main element that requires destruction are the disk platters. The platters hold the actual information in your hard disk. However, don’t DIY this process. While it can feel momentarily good to vent your frustrations with a hammer, pieces of hard drive could fly on all directions and become a hazard to you and those around you. We use hydraulic machines that were designed to destroy your old hard drivers. And we provide a written certificate of data destruction, which could be especially useful if you have a business. Our shearing machine will slice your hard drive with tens of thousands of pounds of destructive force. Drive platters, electronic components, and internal mechanisms are completely destroyed. We have another machine that punches holes through each hard drive. All drive data is also rendered unrecoverable. The main advantages are the speed and the effectiveness. Shredding, deforming, cracking or even burning a disk ensures the files will no longer be operable. The disadvantages are the environmental issues the destruction brings. Disposal requirements and electronic waste are an increasing concern in our modern society. They also increase your personal carbon footprint. This should be a last resort for inoperable disks or very important data. When you work with our company, we physically shred your hard drive and send the remains for a recycling plant. This way you don’t need to be worried about finding a recycling center. Your privacy is protected with us. We will also give you a certificate of data destruction.

Are you interested in our secure data destruction services? Our facilities are secured and monitored 24/7. We offer a secure chain of custody and a certificate of data destruction once we are done. 

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